About ENVRI-Hub

ENVRI-hub is the central gateway to environmental data and services offered by the European environmental research infrastructures. The data offered through the hub is interoperable across the Earth system disciplines and therefore easy to use for interdisciplinary environmental research.
Our data is open and free to use by anyone. Users of the ENVRI-hub are also able to use the Virtual Research Environments and do their science computing directly inside the hub.

ENVRI-hub will be part of the European Open Science Cloud, a European Commission initiative aiming at developing an infrastructure providing its users with services promoting open science practices.

Are you interested in what can ENVRI-hub offer to scientific users? Watch our short video featuring three young scientists who ask questions about the ENVRI-hub and how it is going to make their work easier.

The ENVRI-Hub is work in progress. See more on the Task Forces implementing the Hub and watch videos about our latest work.


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Credits for the EVNRI-Hub Website development at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research, IEK-8, Forschungszentrum Jülich:

  • Dr. Ulrich Bundke
  • Dr. Chris Schleiermacher
  • Rita Gomes
  • Roman Zimbelmann