The NERC Vocabulary Server

The NERC Vocabulary Server contains Argo vocabularies. Originally known as reference tables, they are used extensively to constrain the contents of the Argo NetCDF files, and to enhance the interoperability of the Argo data system. The transfer of existing reference tables to NVS collections, as well as the creation of new ones, is an ongoing effort managed by the Argo Vocabulary Task Team and supported by BODC.

Service Description
The NVS gives access to standardised and hierarchically-organized vocabularies. It is managed by the British Oceanographic Data Centre at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in Liverpool and Southampton, and receives funding from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in the United Kingdom. Major technical developments have also been funded by European Union's projects notably the Open Service Network for Marine Environmental Data (NETMAR) programme, and the SeaDataNet and SeaDataCloud projects. Controlled vocabularies are used by data creators and data managers to standardise information. They are used for indexing and annotating data and associated information (metadata) in database and data files. They facilitate searching for data in web portals. They also enable records to be interpreted by computers. This opens up data sets to a whole world of possibilities for automated data workflows, computer aided manipulation, distribution, interoperability, and long-term reuse. The current content of the NVS is predominantly targeted at the oceanographic and associated domains. It is used by the marine science community in the UK (MEDIN), Europe (SeaDataNet), and globally, by a variety of organisations and networks.
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